Arcana: Profound Secrets

  Dream With Your Hands:  The Magician, L Doctor

Dream With Your Hands: The Magician, L Doctor

New Editions Gallery presents

Arcana: Profound Secrets

22 Paintings inspired by the Tarot by Laurie Doctor

Opening Mar 18, 5-8 pm

Tabitha Dial will give short readings at the opening, free and open to the public

550 W Short St Lexington, KY859.266.2766

Mar 18- April 30, 2016

The Tarot is a reflection of the universal human journey- there are 22 images in the Major Arcana. The word arcana means "profound secret." To the alchemists of the Middle Ages, the arcana was the secret of nature. From this perspective, the tarot cards are a collection of the "secrets" that underlie and inform our universe. 

The writing in the paintings comes from an alphabet I have developed– they are not arbitrary marks, but words being written in response to the image. Words as invocation is an ancient practice. I feel a resonance with the power of image as words through my studies of 5,000 year old pottery fragments from Egypt: the time when words were magic.  Magic or presence, has been described as the sense of something present in a place but unseen.

Tarot operates in the same mysterious field that unseen presences do. What governs dreams, intuition and imagination? For myself as an artist, I join the thousands before me who wish for the viewer to sense the “something else” that the image points toward. The cards are a powerful ally in developing guidance and insight for my work.