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2016 Workshops

Excerpt from Accidental Artist: (published in Quadrant Magazine, journal of the CG Jung Foundation)
How I found my way to being a calligrapher, painter and writer through the back door

I first discovered the imagery and magic of mythology when I read Edith Hamilton in eighth grade. I remember being amazed at realizing, oh my, they (the Greeks) aren’t making this up! All these gods – Hera at the hearth, Zeus with the scepter, Eros with his bow and arrow, out of nowhere, falling in love – exist in our world as presences we humans inhabit at various times in our lives.

I was brought up in an atheist home, where the scientific method ruled– so reading about King Minos and the Minotaur gave me a delightfully contrasting big picture to roam in. Then, in high school, I discovered Huston Smith’s book on world religions– and once again I felt a door to another world opening. That was when I decided that when I went on to university I would study “the meaning of life.” At college I began my formal studies of psychology, religion and mythology. I was an avid student and had magnificent professors. When I was 20, I went to study at Sorbonne University in Paris. I brought Carl Jung’s 600 page volume of psychology and religion with me. I read and marked up the whole book. That is when I first began writing down my dreams.

I had had no exposure to art or art classes growing up, so being in France was my first experience of going to galleries and sitting in ancient cathedrals. My tiny flat was just across from the Louvre. I looked at art, but I did not for one moment entertain the idea of being an artist. That came much later, and also took me by surprise.

The surprise happened when I went to Naropa University to study Buddhism, and found myself, on a lark, in an art class. It was there that I “discovered my hands” and that I loved painting and calligraphy. Eventually, I became the teacher for the classes I studied at Naropa, and taught there for twenty years.

Now my time is spent teaching and lecturing internationally– and, while at home– writing, painting and exhibiting. My studies of mythology, Carl Jung, meditation and dreams provide the ground from which the imagery for my work arises. In my work I am more interested in universal, archetypal imagery than I am in being representational. I am grateful for all the time I spent in my secular home secretly reading mythology books under the covers by flashlight.

October 2016
Basalt, Colorado

July/August 2016
Bruges, Belgium

May 2016
Taos, NM

March 2014
St. Louis, MO

2015 Workshops
Laurie Doctor Alberta Canada
October 2015
Ghost Ranch, NM

Laurie Doctor Alberta Canada
September 2015
La Pointe, WI

Laurie Doctor Alberta Canada
June 2015
Louisville, KY

Laurie Doctor Alberta Canada
May 2015
Cheerio, NC
Laurie Doctor Alberta Canada
March 2015
St. Louis, MO
Laurie Doctor Alberta Canada
January 2015
Louisville, KY

“Your workshops are like no others I’ve ever taken. The environment you create fosters creative, intellectual, and spiritual growth. I appreciate the time you took in critiquing and the recommendations for improvement.”
—Dr John Hammons, St Louis



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